Product Review Episode 1 - Lasko My Heat Personal Heater

So glad that spring has finally arrived.  The winter here on the East Coast was as cold as it has ever been.  Although the it's good to work indoors sometimes, that wasn't the case this winter.  The company decided to move my original cubicle location from a place the room temperature was near perfect to a location that feel like winter.  Now usually I don't complain and just keep my hat and coat on while working but I realize that since I usually talk to a lot of co-workers and business people, I can't have them see me like I'm just coming into the office.

So since I obviously wasn't alone and seeing a couple of people bringing in heaters, I figured why not do the same.  I went online on Amazon and found the Lasko My Heat Personal Heater.  My first impression was this is a very small heater.  Is it really as effective as they say it was?  I have to say that, I'm very impressed by this. 

This Lasko personal heater is a spot heater wherever you need it.  It warms the personal space around you with only 200 watts, saving you money.  It's a small and safe heater that gives the comfort, concentrated warmth that you desire.  I purchased it for the sole purpose for work and the thing I love about this is that for it's size, it puts out a great amount of heat.  For the price I paid, for this I'm definitely getting my money's worth.