Could Wearable Devices be the new thing to replace smartphones??

With the probable introduction of Android Wearable devices at Google I/O tomorrow, I often wonder if this will be the new way to communicate with each other.  With the introduction of Google Glass and Samsung's Galaxy Gear Watches in the past, it seems like more companies are diving right into the wearable devices category this year.  While wearable devices does have their pros and cons.  It makes me to wonder, once the wearable devices become more stable and popular with the people (and that will indeed take a long time), will it eventually be the downfall of smartphones?

Let's think about, right now the average smartphone unlocked can cost close to $600 outright.  Most of the wearable devices are connected through Bluetooth, but eventually companies will figure out a way for wearable devices to be standalone.  With the exception of Goggle Glass and a few others, the most a person would pay for a wearable device would be half the amount and it will be enticing enough for people to give it try.

Mark my words, wearable devices are going to become normal and the companies making them today know that.