To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade, that is the question.

With the Galaxy S5 getting ready to appear I was anxiously awaiting the specs and features when it was first announced by Samsung a couple of weeks ago. One of my friends asked are you going to order it as soon as it becomes available I said "Why not? It's more than likely that it's going to be an upgrade from the S4 and may feature some things that I can see myself using." When I thought about it, when the S4 was introduced in NY, even the presentation wouldn't stop me from getting this device.

That was then, this is now. As I sat and watched the presentation of the S5, I was thinking that this couldn't be all. While I was content with the specs and some of the features, to me it didn't have that IT factor to convince me to have it like it did last year. I kept thinking maybe it'll grow on me in a couple of weeks. Well that week is here and yet, for the first time, I find myself still content with the S4 for now. Was it because I was a little disappointed in the S5 maybe. Could it be that the S4 is a phone I'm happy with could be. I think the overall difference is the fact that it might not be the right time to upgrade.

With so many devices out there to purchase, I'm probably not the only one that feels the same. We tend to get so excited to see what a new device has to offer, especially when it comes to some of its features. But when it comes right down to it, whether you plan to buy or not, it's going to come to whether it has what you need.