The Value of the SmartPhone or Tablet

As I sit here watching the TV, I can't help but to look over and see my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S4) next to me charging.  As a notification goes off, I checked to see whether it was an email, text, reminder, or a social media update.


The fact is that everyone who has a smartphone or a tablet has done the same thing.  We all have that curiosity to see what notifications arrived on our phone ever since our cell phones included texting.  People today heavily rely on the smartphones to communicate with others to do business or other things.

Not only that, you can download applications to smartphones and tablets to make life even easier.  If you want to learn how to cook, there's an application for that.  If you want to exercise or workout, there's an application for that.  If you want a personal trainer, games to keep you occupied, know the latest scores, driving directions to a location you have never been, there's an application for that.

It's to a point that you can watch or record television from your tablet or smartphone.  Today these products have become so powerful and mobile that we tend to value it not as a want, but as a need.  The need to be socially available at any time, the ability to work while being mobile, and the ability to provide some type of mobile amusement not just for you but for others as well.  That's how valuable these products can be.