Looks like the Galaxy Note II is my choice........

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I appreciate tese times we have not because of the presents I'm going to get (even though I usually buy them myself to keep happy), but mainly because it's that time of the year where I get to upgrade my phone.  Oh Joy!  But I have reached the usual dilemma of which phone to upgrade too.

Now there are a few good choices that just came out late this year and while they're difference of opinions out there for getting a specific phone, I decide to give my own opinions about here.

 Lumia 900 vs. iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3

Lumia 900 vs. iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3

iPhone 5 - I'm going to start here because this is the most popular phone put there.  As much as the hype is about this phone, this will be the last phone I'd ever upgrade too.  Nothing personal, the phone is nice and all but I already have these applications in my iPad (3rd Generation) and my iPod Touch.  In fact, my iPod Touch is the iPhone without the actual calling feature (even though I can turn it into one if need be).  Nothing personal but I already have the everything for the iPhone 5 with the iPod Touch.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - To be honest, I almost made this my choice, especially when it first came out.  I was so in love with the design and performance that I was even willingly to pay full price for the phone.  Although now looking back at it, I'm so glad I didn't.  When it came down to it, the Note II is the big brother and the S3 is the little sister. 

Nokia Lumia 900 - This phone is interesting to me for a lot of reasons, most importantly because of it's interface and design.  I'm also curious because it is a Windows Phone in which I have never played with it fully.  It is very up and coming and I may take another look at it down the road, but as of today, I'm not completely sold on getting it.  

Overall, I plan on going with the Samsung Galaxy Note II.  Overall it's the bigger version of the Galaxy S3 and it comes pre installed with JellyBean for Android.  I have the Galaxy Nexus with JellyBean and ever since I haven't looked back (even to Ice Cream Sandwich).  I use the Gogle Now feature regularly and believe it's one of the most innovated and loveable features on JellyBean by far.