Foxconn workers strike over iPhone 5 demands is just another example..... reports that thousands of factory workers at Foxconn went on strike Friday to protest their working conditions on the iPhone 5's production lines.  Workers at the Foxconn's plant in Zhengzhou, China are furious after management enacted "overly strict demands" for production of Apple's new iPhone 5.

While Foxconn released a statement Saturday denying the reports, they did acknowledge that there were some "disputes" earlier in the week.  Now while I can't confirm any of this information, I would say that if this really happened, I would completely understand.  It would be just another example of big companies not caring about their employees.  

Reports say that Apple ordered stricter inspections after customers complained so flaws in the iPhone 5.  Companies demand so much more from their employees to a point where they're not being paid overtime for those hours and employees has to do the work of two or more employees every day.  Even after the work is accomplished, there is usually no recognition of the hard work for the employees.  Even though Apple is just one of the many companies that are outsourcing (that's another issue in itself), everyone will still buy their products.  Hopefully down the road, both Apple and the workers at Foxconn would share the recognition that they deserve.