Tech in Review - October 14, 2012

Here's your tech in review for October 12, 2012. 

  • Apple will introduce the iPad Mini to the public.
  • Microsoft's Windows 8 TV commercials. 
  • Good news for job hunters in Android, Linux, and open source. 


Apple will introduced the iPad Mini for pretty soon and according to Information Week, here's some of the things that we know so far.  it will have a 7.85 inch display, no retina display, a Lightning Port,  and a thinner design.  While not much information has been given, like whether there's a camera, the cost, or what size storage is going to be available, all that information will come out during the announcement October 10, with the shipment starting on October 17, we think.

Microsoft began running their first TV commercial for Windows 8 during some of today's NFL games.  They will launch it officially in New York City on October 25th.   

Job candidates with skills in Android, Linux can rest assure that companies are looking for you.  According to PC World, job candidates with technical skills in general and Linux skills in particular tend to face better-than-average prospects in today's current marketplace.  According to a Monday report from, Software development and quality assurance lead the list, but among those next in line are Python, Ruby on Rails, Android, and JBoss.  "The need for open source programming language skills that power a huge number of Web applications and technologies is evident in requests for Python and Ruby." Dice explains. "It's time to take advantage".