D-League Players the Brooklyn Nets should look into......

Listen, I understand that the Brooklyn Nets are in rebuilding mode we should trust the process, but after seeing the current record (9-40), the thought came to mind that if we must trust the process, why not go all the way in on the investment.  

Sure the Nets have a great mixture of younger pieces with the seasoned veterans to give the team balance but the way the team is headed right now, why not remove some of the veteran players who are less contributing to the process and bring in more younger players who have journeyed through the NBA and D-League.   

We all know that the 2 things the Nets need to do is rebound and defend the basketball.   The Nets are at the bottom of the league in plus/minus (-9.0) but things can be corrected with the right players.  Bringing Quincy Acy from the D-League is a start and if the Nets want to continue that same success they had with Sean Kilpatrick, they may want to look at other players IF they can't get what they want out of trades.  So here's 3 D-League players the Nets should keep their eyes on:

1. Ray McCallum (G - Grand Rapid Drive; 18.2 pts,  6 rebs, 7.5 asts)

I know with Lin being the starter & Whitehead the backup, why look at another PG.  Well with Lin out for an undisclosed amount of time (I predicted after All-Star break), Whitehead does is still learning but it's going to take some time.  Spencer Dinwiddie is a serviceable PG but it doesn't look like he has the play-making potential the Nets need at this point.  Ray's game actually reminds me a little of CJ McCollum, which can only benefit the Nets.


2. Eric Moreland (F - Canton Charge; 13 pts,  11.7 rebs, 2.9 asts)

Eric Moreland has looked good in the D-League becoming a defensive presence down in the paint. Something that Nets have been lacking all season long. The Nets defense is something most NBA teams look forward to playing because there's no one on the Nets that can consistently protect the paint. Eric Moreland can be that defense stopper and the right cost.


3. Chris McCullough (F - Long Island Nets; 19.1 pts,  8 rebs, 1.8 asts)

We had to include Chris McCullough because we can't find a reason why he's not completely on the Brooklyn Nets instead of playing for the Long Island Nets. While we understand that he had to spend some time in the D-League, he had enough time to show what he's capable of doing. Given his stats shows that he should be playing more than 4 minutes of garbage time. It's time to see if his time in the D-League has paid off.

Some Potential NBA Trades that can help rebuild the 2016-2017 Brooklyn Nets for the future!

With the NBA trade deadline coming up and while most of the fans know that this year is the year of rebuilding the Brooklyn Nets, we wonder what trades are out there for them while focusing on youth & talent.  

With the Nets being limited to what remaining assets they have left, could there actually be a trade or two that Sean Marks can make to make the team better in for the future.  While it seems that the only asset the Nets can offer that any team would what would be Brook Lopez, Marks can probably field some offers out there for another player with has the potential teams are looking for and what the Nets are looking for in return.

1. Brooklyn Nets sends Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to the San Antonio Spurs for Jonathan Simmons & a 2017 2nd Round Pick:

Don't get me wrong here, as a Nets fan I love Hollis-Jefferson's defensive game.  I think he has some potential to be a good defensive player but until his offensive game improves, I can accept them making him available to teams.  And what team that can use and keep developing him other than the San Antonio Spurs.  Jonathan Simmons has more offensive upside than RHJ and would easily fit into the Spurs, I mean Nets offense. Remember the Hawks & Nets are under that Spurs "tutelage".  This gives RHJ the ability to play for a winning squad while giving Simmons the opportunity to thrive and show the NBA what he's made off.  

2. Brooklyn Nets sends Bojan Bogdanovic & Luis Scola to the Philadelphia 76ers for Richaun Holmes, Nik Stauskas & a 2017 2nd Round Pick:

The key here is that with the exception of Holmes, the remaining players' contracts are up at the end of this year.  While Bogdanovic definitely has the most value that make Nets fans want to keep him because of his offensive, it's the defense that make Nets fans want to trade him for value.  What better way to get value back from him is to trade him to a team that is looking for offensive right away.  If he gets beat off the dribble, the Sixers have Embiid or Noel (if they keep him) waiting in the wings.  The Nets can make this move not for Stauskas (although he does have the potential to be a younger version of Bogdanovic) but most importantly for Holmes & the 2nd round draft pick.  Holmes is stuck behind a very crowded front court of Embiid, Noel (again if they keep him), Okafor, Iiyasova, and Saric.  Holmes would immediately receive more time because the Nets are looking at young talent which would give him the opportunity he's looking for.  The Nets are also very limited with draft picks and the more draft picks the Nets can acquire, the better Nets are to setup for the future.  And to be honest, based off the last picks they got with LeVert and Whitehead, I have a little more confidence that they find a diamond in the rough through this year's draft.  

3. Brooklyn Nets sends Brook Lopez to the Portland Trailblazers for Meyers Leonard, either Evan Turner or Allen Crabbe & a 2017 1st Round Pick:

Trust I had every intention of sending Lopez to the Bucks for Monroe and a first round draft pick but I realize that the Bucks are already over the cap and the don't want to increase it, so I decided to that this has the potential to work for both sides because when the numbers come together, the Blazers would save roughly 4 million in cap space while getting a virtual All-Star big man in the Front Court.  Don't get me wrong, seeing the Lopez leave will be very hard on Nets fans.  I'm mean he has the record for having the longest career with the Nets (9 seasons), he's been always involved in trade talks for the majority of his career (Nets fans remember Dwightmare), but despite that Lopez continue to prove doubters wrong.  Now not only is he a low post threat, thanks to Kenny Atkinson's offense, he developed a very reliable three point shoot and is shooting very well from downtown.  Lopez would give the Blazers there version of the "Big 3" and help push the team to the next level.  For the Nets, this would officially mark the end of the Billy King "win now" era and start the Sean Marks "rebuild now" era.  Meyers Leonard would definitely get more minutes and have the potential to do half of what Lopez can do at half the cost of Lopez.  Adding a guard like Turner or Crabbe would end the minutes fight between the two which would be plus for them no matter who stays or goes.  Remember the Nets offered Crabbe a lot of money in the off season but the Blazers matched the offer.  Either one of these players would be a plus for the Nets.  While they're reports that the Nets are looking for 2 first round picks for Lopez, the problem is that there not that many teams out there looking for a Center and willing to give up 2 first round picks.  I'm not sure that teams think that Lopez is even worth a first round pick, then again two.  I think that the Nets are going to fold and take what they can get in return.

The Return for 2017!

I have to admit, a lot of things can happen out of nowhere and without warning can deter you from continuing the ideas and goals you have set for yourself.  The year of 2016 was no different.  I didn't realize that I haven't even posted anything on my blog since June.  I just happen to look at me iPhone and see my blogging app and was like "Woah! When was the last time I was even on my site.  So with my plan on being more focused on everything that I do this year, I set comeback as my first goal this year.  Today marks the return of "Guys Talkin' Sports" on Youtube.  I will also post that video here.  I also will be posting a little more about me and my family, as well as my faith, and my life.  Remember we have to enjoy the life that is in front of us and remember where our anchor comes from.